Meet Maria, Julia, & Sensi

Maria Christodoulou, Founder

Bliss Without Bother was created after Maria realized that life is much more interesting on yoga and meditation retreats instead of at a desk. A long-time professional in nonprofit work, Maria has expertise with fundraising, event planning, and community outreach, all of which align well with her intention to serve the community through retreat planning – bringing people together for a common cause in an organized and blissful manner. 

Maria has participated on a variety of yoga, acroyoga, meditation, and writing retreats, both domestic and overseas. She is honored to handle the logistical, and sometimes overwhelming details of retreats and special events to ensure an experience of wellness. 

Maria is currently pursuing a degree in herbal medicine from ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Classics from Bucknell University and a Master's degree in Library Science form Drexel University. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her collection of plants.

She can be contacted directly at

Live simply so that others may simply live.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Julia Kramer, Director of Outreach | Travel Writer | Yoga Teacher

After nearly a decade of working in law, striving to juggle the balance between the corporate world and a healthy personal life in the Bay Area, California, Julia decided it was time to venture out and dedicate herself to establishing the holistic balance she desired.

Interweaving her business, legal, and writing background with her 16-year yoga practice, Julia is currently traveling the world to teach yoga and live in healthy communities to cultivate wellness opportunities for clients of Bliss Without Bother. She is an adventure and nature enthusiast, and recently certified yoga teacher with a 200 YTT Yoga Alliance Certificate from Paula Tursi and Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen. Her training is in Vinyasa yoga with a strong focus on meditation and pranayama.  

Julia is dedicated to inviting others to take a pause and move through life with mindfulness. Follow her extraordinary adventures on Instagram @jrosekramer #projectbodhi.

She can be contacted directly at

When we slow down, we give ourselves the opportunity to really see and feel what nourishes our hearts and minds. When we set intention and move forward from this caring place, then anything is possible.
— Julia Kramer

Sensi Quintero, Yoga Teacher

A former founder of several yoga studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sensi has dedicated her life to teaching and practicing yoga since 2002. She has attended yoga trainings and workshops in India (Kerala and Karnataka), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brasil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), and the United States (New York), and completed her first yoga training at the Yoga International Union of Argentina, where she earned a certificate as a Swasthya yoga instructor. 

Sensi is practiced in several forms of yoga - Ashtanga, trained with Lino Miele, Mathew Vollmer, and Andrea Martinez; Anusara, trained with Benita Galvan; and Hatha Vinyasa, trained with Barath Shetty and Pedro Kupfer. In 2016, Sensi studied Hatha Vinyasa yoga with Professor Barath Shetti in Mysore, Karnataka, India, where she earned her 200 YTT Yoga Alliance Certificate. She has conducted yoga classes and workshops in Venezuela (Caracas), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Costa Rica (Guanacaste), and the United States (New York and Connecticut).

Before dedicating herself to yoga, Sensi studied Design and Plastic Arts in her native Caracas, and also in Boston, New York, and Buenos Aires. She is a skillful illustrator and graphic designer, and has worked on a variety of projects in several countries. 

Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.
— Kenyan Proverb