A Weekend at SecondHouse

Located on the North Fork of Long Island in Mattituck, SecondHouse is a beautiful location for those seeking a community of like-minded individuals in a mindful environment. Members enjoy accommodations on beach-front property, communal meals with entrepreneurs, executives, and kindred spirits, and time to recharge from the stress of city living. 

I enjoyed a weekend of creativity and connection with Janera Soerel, Founder of SecondHouse, and her family, and Lisa and Brian Hain, Founders of Primary, and their son Henry. We cooked delicious meals together, collaborated on work projects, and enjoyed the breathtaking view of calm waters - all of which reflect the intention of the space. 

Taking time away from the frenetic energy of the city in community with others allowed me to be more present. It was warm enough on Sunday afternoon to go for a run, and I was thankful to learn about a short wooded trail nearby. As I started my run, I had not realized I had been carrying so much tension in my body, but the taste of salt in the air and the sounds of nature helped me forget about my long to-do list and let me return, even for just a weekend, to the feeling of bliss.

- Maria Christodoulou, Founder