A Winter Wellness Retreat in Brooklyn

During our day of Winter Wellness, a one-day retreat in Brooklyn, we explored the many ways to feel healthy during this winter season. The retreat focused on engaging our bodies and minds to build immunity and community, both of which are essential to our health.

Our intimate group kicked off the morning by setting personal intentions and learning about the power of crystal energies. We were led through a fire-building yoga sequence by Christine Keller, and during Savasana, we were immersed in a magnetic sound bath experience by MJ Caselden, who invented magnetic sound technology to create unique vibrations.

During the sound bath, participants were able to explore deep relaxation to calm the mind and bring an awareness to passing thoughts, memories, and visions.

The soundbath is like a mirror. With each session we can gaze into ourselves, finding our own dreamspace within a unique journey to meet the subconscious.
— MJ Caselden

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a healthy lunch of vegetable soup and salad, and shared lively conversation with new and old friends. I led an informative discussion on effective herbal remedies for nourishing and strengthening our immune system. Medicinal mushrooms, boneset, echinacea, linden, and ginger are just a few of the herbs that provide us with immune vitality. 

It was a beautiful day to spend time with each other learning about the many ways to maintain health and realizing the power we have with our own complete wellness. 

We were grateful to have Gotham Greens, Supernola, Matchatea, and Radicle Herb Shop as our sponsors.  

-  Maria Christodoulou, Founder

The retreat was a deeply nourishing experience that left me feeling renewed, inspired, and connected. The day included yoga, an incredible sound bath, crystals, healthy and delicious food, an herbal learning experience, and tea making for health and vitality. It far exceeded my expectations! Thank you, Bliss Without Bother!
— Christina D.