Stay fit everywhere you go! Bliss Without Bother + JETSWEAT

Trying to stay in shape on vacation? We've partnered with the newest workout app that will help you stay on top of your fitness game wherever you go! 

Sure, it’s nice to indulge in food and luxury while traveling, but the five-star cuisine can really add up — and not just for your bank account, but also for your waistline. Whether you’re treating yourself to a Caribbean vacation or stuck on a 14-hour long-haul flight, your body can go through long periods of in-activity. 

Welcome to JETSWEAT, your new favorite on-demand fitness app that allows you to stay on top of your fitness game wherever you go — no more excuses! 

JETSWEAT is a multimedia platform that delivers rich video content with top tier boutique fitness studio brands to consumers on the go. And, to top it off, you can customize your workouts based on your body type, the body you WANT, and your overall health and wellness goals. Want to tighten your glutes while building lean biceps? Or, do you need a 20 minute yoga and meditation break at work to help get you through your midday slump?

JETSWEAT mix and matches your favorite boutique studio branded workouts to provide unique, curated and personalized programs for those discerning fitness enthusiasts on the go. Think a little lower body cardio with Bari Studio combined with Modelfit's lean arms segment or even 7 minutes of an intense yet relaxing core work with Chloe Kernaghan from Sky Ting Yoga integrated with a 2 minute meditation break from Mindfresh. The app gives you the opportunity to select workouts ranging from 2 minutes-75 minutes in length so for those business travelers in a rush, now you can still schedule a short five-minute burst of energy before rushing out the door for your morning coffee.

JETSWEAT founders Erin Frankel and Alexandra Dantzig believe that you should be able to have access to the workout classes you enjoy, wherever you are in the world. The app officially launches in September. Early subscribers receive a special 60% discount for a one year subscription, using promo code JETSWEATPRELAUNCH17

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