Cosmic Forecast of 2018 from The Wellness Mercantile

As featured in The Wellness Mercantile, this cosmic forecast of 2018 was provided by Tracy Atkinson, an amazing Vedic astrologer and coach based on Brooklyn, NY, who has also been a contributing practitioner in our Happy Hour For Your Wellness series. 

2018 Cosmic Forecast

This year, Saturn continues to transit the freedom loving and truth seeking sign of Sagittarius. Saturn here is asking us to drill down and get in touch with our beliefs, to put our beliefs to the test and walk the walk. It’s time to manifest our beliefs in a practical way, to take our accumulated knowledge and concretize it out into the world. Saturn is asking us to live according to what we believe and what we perceive as truth. It’s also a time to let go of any outdated beliefs that are holding us back and limiting our freedom or the freedom of another.

Jupiter, the teacher planet, is still in the sign of Libra, the sign of relationships, balance, and harmony, and will remain there until October 2018, when he will move into Scorpio. During Jupiter’s transit of Libra, he continues to teach us how to see the viewpoint of the other and learn the art of compromise. We must treat each other as equals and use our social skills of charm and grace to bring success in personal relationships as well as in business. As Jupiter moves into Scorpio, the energy shifts dramatically. Jupiter here is set to guide us into the underworld, the world of emotions, our fears and insecurities. Here he shows how to embrace these hidden parts of ourselves and morph our fears into strengths and our insecurities into confidence. Stay tuned…

Rahu and Ketu continue their transits of Cancer and Capricorn, revolutionizing the way we look at home, family and roots on the one hand and status, ambition and leadership on the other hand. As a collective we may question what it means to be emotionally and physically secure. What is the true meaning of home? What is the true meaning of the word “family?” Rahu’s eccentric and revolutionary nature may transform what one or all of these areas look like in our life. In general, we look to the house that Rahu is transiting and put our energy there and tend to let go of the things represented by the house where Ketu is transiting.

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Tracy Atkinson is a Vedic astrologer and coach. She currently resides in Brooklyn and offers readings and one-on-one coaching sessions, among other consulting services. To learn more about Tracy and her practice, visit

This forecast was also featured on her blog, where you can find other predictions and explanations of celestial events.