A View With Sound: Sound View Greenport

I woke up and from my bed I could see streaks of light pink emerging from behind the clouds. The sun was rising and my body, unfamiliar with the view, was responding with anticipation. I walked to the sliding door and took in the view of the water's expanse and energy. It had been too long since I'd woken up so naturally and so peacefully. The sounds of the subway rumbling by, hurried passerbys outside my apartment window, and my neighbors getting ready for work were all far away, as if that life was a dream, and I was just waking up. 

Long Island Sound

I had been invited to Sound View Greenport by Teach Mayer, the general manager who, despite a very busy schedule, exudes a charming and gentle unhurried kindness. As soon as I arrived on the premises, which originally developed from a 1930s beachside concession stand, Teach was gracious to provide me a tour of the quarter mile property.

The rooms were recently renovated with a simple, yet elegant, nautical theme and include sweet perks such as Tate's cookies awaiting the hungry traveler. Each room has direct access to the beach with a private deck and expansive views of the Long Island Sound, whose waves continued to dance as the day turned. Teach showed me several rooms and in each I was entranced with the unobstructed view. I appreciated the simplicity of the decor, as it didn't distract from this main attraction.

We walked to the far east of the property, where the seaside in-ground pool lay dormant for the off-season. I could easily envision families, couples, and friends lounging in the pool during summer afternoons where white puffy clouds leisurely float by. 

After the tour, Teach and I dined at The Halyard, the restaurant located on the premises and part of the hotel. The restaurant is led by James Beard Award-winning chef Galen Zamarra of Mas (Farmhouse) in the West Village. The food was exquisite and included freshly caught fish and seasoned vegetables in just-right portions. The menu changes seasonally in coordination with local fishermen and oftentimes local farm produce. 

The Halyard

The North Fork, the quiet sister to the Hamptons on the South Fork, offers an abundance of local farms, including the organic Sang Lee Farm, a variety of award-winning wineries, quiet beaches, and a growing wellness community. Only 100 miles from New York City and accessible by the Jitney and Long Island Rail Road, the North Fork is an easy and accessible escape from city living. 

During the quiet hours of the afternoon I wandered the streets of Greenport, the hub of the North Fork. I browsed at the local bookstore, enjoyed tea from Tea and Tchotchkes, and watched as the antique carousel made its way around and around. Living in the city can be intense and time for stillness does not come often. I could already feel the energy of the sea wash away the stress of living so rushed.

In the evening, I joined a meditation session that Teach offers on Thursday evenings to the local community. A quiet session together helped further clear my thoughts and my mind felt both stretched and at ease. When I got to my room and prepared for bedtime, I felt the rich fullness of the day, and knew I would be back again.

Vist the Sound View Greenport any time of year to replenish the senses and reacquaint with nature. Contact us for specially curated itineraries and for upcoming retreats.

Maria Christodoulou | Founder