The National Herald: The Everlasting Traditions of Herbal Medicine in Ancient Greece (Part 1)

Part One of a two-part series: Learn how the practice of herbal medicine in antiquity was not separate from everyday living; it was an integral part of every custom, celebration, and recipe throughout the ancient world. Written by Bliss Without Bother founder and Clinical Herbalist Maria Christodoulou, this is a must-read for those interested in ancient history, medicine, and nutrition.

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Greek City Times: Yia Mas: dedicated to discovering Greece’s holistic side

Yia Mas’ is an event series and brand dedicated to Hellenism, health, and the community. Beginning as an event in New York City, it has expanded to other states in America and this September the first Yia Mas retreat will be held in Koufonisi, Greece. Bliss Without Bother founder and Clinical herbalist Maria Christodoulou partners with Yia Mas on Greek Herbs for Wellness in Washington, DC, on June 8, 2019.

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A Visit to Raven Crest Botanicals in Berne, NY

The road turned from asphalt to gravel and the trees arched their branches towards each other. The drive to Raven Crest Botanicals, a small-scale organic herb farm, is at once mysterious and magical. I had taken Amtrak to Albany from Penn Station, New York and was graciously picked up by Sam, an herbalist managing the farm. My week had been busy with events and obligations, and being in the presence of calm, peaceful beings helped me release my shoulders and clear my thoughts almost immediately. 

Inside the charming red stone farmhouse, I noted the accents of gifts from the earth - raven bird feathers, dried herbs, and stones, to name a few. Owned by herbalist Susanna Raven, the property is a clear reflection of her intentions and practices to offer therapeutic experiences with plants. Susanna's experience with plants began during a trip to the Peruvian Amazon, and since then, she has transformed the property into a small-scale organic farm of herbs which she uses to create a variety of herbal products.

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