The National Herald: The Everlasting Traditions of Herbal Medicine in Ancient Greece (Part 1)

Part One of a two-part series: Learn how the practice of herbal medicine in antiquity was not separate from everyday living; it was an integral part of every custom, celebration, and recipe throughout the ancient world. Written by Bliss Without Bother founder and Clinical Herbalist Maria Christodoulou, this is a must-read for those interested in ancient history, medicine, and nutrition.

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Learning to Live in the Moment

With all the stressors life has to offer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Unfortunately, it’s a more common problem than not.  However, with a little focus and patience, lasting change is achievable. How? By learning a few practical skills, you can manage your emotions and ease your thoughts.  Recognizing the present and seizing the moment, is just one of the many tools that help you find inner peace.    

This is a guest blog post by Cori Read from Silvernest.  

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Give Up Perfection and Try Gratitude: 3 Rules for Living Well

I’m a huge believer in the power of gratitude. I’ve worked with cancer survivors whose gratitude for life’s little and big gifts astounds me. And I’ve worked with people blessed with so much, yet stymied because everything isn’t just right. Regularly focusing on gratitude makes everyone happier. And happier people are most often those living lives of love, meaning and purpose. Brené Brown, one of my favorite storyteller/researchers has worked on this very subject and has found that the happiest people actively think about things they are grateful for.

This is a guest blog post by Barbara Waxman from Silvernest.

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Greek City Times: Yia Mas: dedicated to discovering Greece’s holistic side

Yia Mas’ is an event series and brand dedicated to Hellenism, health, and the community. Beginning as an event in New York City, it has expanded to other states in America and this September the first Yia Mas retreat will be held in Koufonisi, Greece. Bliss Without Bother founder and Clinical herbalist Maria Christodoulou partners with Yia Mas on Greek Herbs for Wellness in Washington, DC, on June 8, 2019.

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Maintaining Wellness During and After Divorce

Navigating a divorce is stressful and unpredictable.  Regular exercise and a healthy diet go a long way in managing our stress and making us feel a whole lot better in general. A grounding activity like yoga or Pilates is relaxing and helpful. Maintaining healthy habits and taking care of ourselves is vital during this uncertain time.

This is a guest blog post by Sandra Hughes from Silvernest.

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A Visit to Finca Luna Nueva with Six Petals Retreats

We pull up on a gravel road and are immediately greeted with warm smiles and a tray of freshly prepared fruit smoothies that quickly quench our thirst. The staff at Finca Luna Nueva, a beautiful retreat center just east of Arenal Volcano, introduce themselves and tell us about the sustainable rainforest eco-lodge hotel that seamlessly blends biodynamic farming with the natural jungle habitat in Costa Rica. As if on cue, we notice a sloth and her baby hanging from the branches of a nearby tree. We are excited to be surrounded by the sights and sounds of such a vibrant landscape for the next five days.

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