Yoga Nidra and Dreaming to Wellness with Heather Sanderson

Yoga nidra, a tool that helps you to uncover more aspects of yourself and find the kind of healing you may need.

When I started my yoga teacher training, I had absolutely no intention to teach. I felt very clear and certain about that and said so repeatedly (and adamantly) to everyone. I felt like I could barely do yoga then – so who was I to teach it? It wasn’t the point of me doing this training, I was interested only in healing – period.

My teacher encouraged me to stay open to the possibility of teaching, since I was doing all the work anyway. About halfway through the training there was a point where I had to decide which path to take – continue with the teaching certification or let it go. To help decide, our group were all asked to lead a five-minute guided shavasana. That felt simple enough to at least try, even if I was hesitant and five minutes felt like longer than eternity.

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