Podcast: A Conversation about "Plant-Powered Beauty" + recipes!

In this podcast, Bliss Without Bother founder Maria Christodoulou and certified aromatherapist Christina Daigneault chat about her newly-released and best-selling beauty book, "Plant-Powered Beauty: The Essential Guide to Using Natural Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare (with 50-plus Recipes)".

Listen in and learn about skin-rejuvenating - and delicious! - recipes included in Christina's book and what inspired her to create an amazing resource for DIY beauty using the natural healing power of plants.

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A View With Sound: Sound View Greenport

I woke up and from my bed I could see streaks of light pink emerging from behind the clouds. The sun was rising and my body, unfamiliar with the view, was responding with anticipation. I walked to the sliding door and took in the view of the water's expanse and energy. It had been too long since I'd woken up so naturally and so peacefully. The sounds of the subway rumbling by, hurried passerbys outside my apartment window, and my neighbors getting ready for work were all far away, as if that life was a dream, and I was just waking up. 

I had been invited to Sound View Greenport by Teach Mayer, the general manager who, despite a very busy schedule, exudes a charming and gentle unhurried kindness. As soon as I arrived on the premises, which originally developed from a 1930s beachside concession stand, Teach was gracious to provide me a tour of the quarter mile property.

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From Delphi Reclaimed: Why Greece’s Healing Prowess will Make it Your Next Wellness Destination

As featured in Delphi Reclaimed, "Why Greece’s Healing Prowess will Make it Your Next Wellness Destination" will have you planning your summer vacation there. 

While many destinations market themselves as healthy, Greece is unintentionally the perfect wellness destination. When you think of destinations associated with wellness and healing it’s likely that the following places come to mind: Bali and its Eat Pray Love stamp of approval, India and its gurus, or Costa Rica, the unofficial capital of yoga retreats. Greece, on the other hand, is more likely to conjure up images of beach time, sunset captures on Santorini, eating feta, and activity of the general vacation sort.

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Cosmic Forecast of 2018 from The Wellness Mercantile

As featured in The Wellness Mercantile, this cosmic forecast of 2018 was provided by Tracy Atkinson, an amazing Vedic astrologer and coach based on Brooklyn, NY, who has also been a contributing practitioner in our Happy Hour For Your Wellness series. 

This year, Saturn continues to transit the freedom loving and truth seeking sign of Sagittarius. Saturn here is asking us to drill down and get in touch with our beliefs, to put our beliefs to the test and walk the walk. It’s time to manifest our beliefs in a practical way, to take our accumulated knowledge and concretize it out into the world.

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Our Wellness Highlights of 2017

As we come to the end of 2017 and say goodbye to another year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon this past year and share some of our favorite highlights with you. This reflection practice provides me with perspective on the past twelve months and helps guide me into the new year, as I start to set new intentions, both personal and professional. 

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