What are Spiritual Healing Retreats?

Spirituality is not just about religion. It is about the connection you feel to the world as a whole. Human beings were not meant to feel alone. We are social animals that have, throughout our history, felt ourselves as a part of nature – one that has its own spirit, and is not simply a vessel of nerves and muscles. It’s not uncommon to find yourself drifting away from that feeling of soul and spirit.

This is a guest blog post by Paige Reist from The Art of Living Retreat Center, located in Boone, North Carolina.

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Interview: A Conversation with Téana David, founder of Six Petals Retreats

I met Téana David, founder of Six Petals Retreats, when I contacted her regarding her upcoming Pilates and Plants Retreat in Costa Rica (March 2019). Téana is also an herbalist and director at Deepak HomeBase at ABC Home in New York City, where she curates events featuring spiritual teachers and environmental leaders. She has a treasure trove of experiences that she’s gathered from her journey as a healer - with meditation, Pilates, yoga, herbal medicine, and wellness event planning, all of which I find to be an inspiring and impactful combination.

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A Visit to Mystica Lodge & Retreat Center in Costa Rica

It was February, in the depths of a Northeastern winter. I landed in Costa Rica and could already feel the weight of winter shed its layers. I had registered to attend Into the Essence: De-Stress & Reset Yoga Retreat at Mystica Lodge & Retreat Center with Lori Myles-Carullo. I was excited about the prospect of spending a week in the sun and getting a much-needed reset. My flight was the last to arrive, so when I walked out of the airport to meet the driver I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by smiles from the group, many of whom hailed from frigid Canada.

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Hicksville News: Hicksville Native Retreats Into Wellness

Wellness-focused and wanting to embrace the essence of what it meant to be truly relaxed, Maria Christodoulou took a day for herself and went to the beach with some friends. It was while listening to the waves crash and soaking up the sun when she came up with a name for her own business. Now, the Hicksville native is the entrepreneur of her brand Bliss Without Bother.

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The Independent: Spring Revival

I have something to admit: I’ve never been on a retreat. Adventure travel has always been top priority for me, putting wellness on the back burner. However, this weekend I was fortunate to get a taste of what a retreat would be like with “Spring Revival: A Weekend Wellness Retreat” hosted by Maria Christodoulou, founder of Bliss Without Bother.

Like all things in life, there is no single solution for health and wellness. Rather, a retreat helps us work from the inside out to find our peace of mind and body.

- Nicole Teitler, The Independent, participant of Spring Revival: A Weekend Wellness Retreat - North Fork Edition

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Podcast: A Conversation about "Plant-Powered Beauty" + recipes!

In this podcast, Bliss Without Bother founder Maria Christodoulou and certified aromatherapist Christina Daigneault chat about her newly-released and best-selling beauty book, "Plant-Powered Beauty: The Essential Guide to Using Natural Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare (with 50-plus Recipes)".

Listen in and learn about skin-rejuvenating - and delicious! - recipes included in Christina's book and what inspired her to create an amazing resource for DIY beauty using the natural healing power of plants.

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