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Cultivating Your Body’s Wisdom: Empowerment and Healing in the Hudson Valley with Dan Cayer

  • Sky Lake 22 Hillcrest Lane Rosendale, NY 12472 (map)

What is your body trying to tell you? How do you learn to listen to its wisdom?

If we pay attention, we find that our body is always communicating with us. Even in the midst of our busy daily life, occasionally something rises to our awareness: a muscle ache, a nervous fluttering in the chest, or a pain that dogs us. The tendency is often to try and force the body ‘back on track’ since the sensations threaten to make our lives messier and less productive.

At this winter weekend retreat in the beautiful Hudson Valley, we will explore the natural intelligence within our body through meditation and the century-old method of the Alexander Technique, which together, can help us find profound health and wholeness.

Led by Dan Cayer, a highly experienced Alexander Technique and meditation teacher, this retreat will include meaningful discussions on the body’s wisdom, meditation exercises on presence, hands-on posture refinements, and unstructured time to walk the wooded trails or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

About Dan: Dan Cayer is a New York City-based teacher and writer who is committed to helping others change habitual patterns, find freedom from pain, and create a sane relationship with their body. After a serious injury, Dan began studying the Alexander Technique, which helped him return to health and find meaning with the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of pain. His difficult experience inspired him to help others, and he now teaches an integration of mindfulness and the Alexander Technique as a method of recovering balance and well-being. He has led workshops domestic and overseas, and has written about his experiences in Elephant JournalThe Good Men Project, and PainPathways magazine. He received his teaching certification from The American Center for the Alexander Technique in New York City and is a trained meditation instructor. 

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