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Skin Deep - Loving Herbal Care for Inner and Outer Beauty

  • Raven Crest Botanicals Berne, NY (map)

Beautiful radiant skin is the expression of a well cared for, healthy body and a quiet balanced mind. The plants are here to help us. Come and join us for a weekend of loving herbal self-care at the beautiful Raven Crest Botanicals in upstate, NY.

Learn how to pamper yourself with the gentle support of herbal remedies and luxurious plant lotions and potions. We will stir the caldron and wave our magic wands to make nourishing and calming teas, healing balms, plant infused oils, all natural moisturizers, facial steams, grain scrubs and herbal bath salts.

Get to know plant allies that soothe and nourish the nervous system, calm the mind and let us rest deeply so we can feel strong and rejuvinated. Learn about herbs and foods that help detox the body and let your skin shine. Hydrate with herb infused waters. Nourish yourself with delicious healthy foods. Stretch into new places with restorative yoga. LOVE your Self and soak your feet in flower petals. Most of all, let's come together and have fun with the plants and each other!

Susanna Raven is an herbalist and owner of Raven Crest Botanicals, a beautiful small-scale organic herb farm in upstate, NY. She creates artisan skin care products made with pure, locally grown ingredients; organic herbal extracts, syrups, and elixirs; and delicious culinary and medicinal tea blends, all made with love and intention.

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