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Ancient Alchemy – The Stone, The Self & The Philosophers Path With Avery Hopkins

  • Primary 26 Broadway, 8th Floor New York, NY (map)

Learn the “simple truths” and explanations to one of the most mystified arts and sciences history has ever known with Alchemist Avery Hopkins during a weekend workshop in New York City.

Since the dawn of recorded history, humans have practiced an art that embodies communion. Communion with nature, with the universe, and with the original self. Once practiced in secret, these practices and truths are ready to be revealed to the world… or at least to those who are ready to travel the philosophers path. A path that is not for the weak of heart, the quick to judge, or those who seek instant answers or gratification.

Alchemy summarizes completely all that is, is possible, and has been. It is the perfect tool -the perfect map- to use when navigating and creating your reality. It helps to provide keys and levers that give access to the once unimaginable. This is not an exaggeration. It is worth knowing these truths free of all mystification and shrouding.

Although it pre-dates all recorded timelines and is regarded as a novelty of the past, Alchemy is still very much alive and has left the times of the basement laboratories of our scientific forefather (most are unaware that Newton had more Alchemical text than any other subject). The major consensus -both historical and modern- is that there appears to be a point from which all things have emanated. The scientific community is investing billions looking for the answer of origin, while spirituality and religion  too attempts to explain. But there is a story that’s been told since the dawn of time. A story the masses have overlooked….

Each observer describes truth with their own language. Using words and symbols as best they can to pin down the point. But, there is a foundational pattern to all expressions of truth across every major culture and spiritual practice. This is what we can call Alchemy.

True Alchemy has been masked and coded for centuries. Stretched thin by over-intellectualization, or devalued by ungrounded new age movements adopting it as a label. For this reason, Alchemy has remained a mystery or an intangible quest for millennia. Whether buried in religious crypts or hidden amongst fraternal ritual and symbolism, the time is long past due.

We are now living in a reality free of inquisition – the time to speak the simple truths is upon us. Join us to learn about Avery's decades of Alchemical training.

In this class, Avery will provide the sometimes difficult to understand “Simple truths” and explanations to one of the most mystified arts and sciences history has ever known.

Day 1:
– History and Origins of Alchemy
– What is Alchemy?
– Alchemy’s Sacred Texts
– The ‘Divine Trinity’ – 3 fundamental truths of all things
– Realms of Existence
– Planetary Correspondence
– Origins of Astrology
– As above, so below – As within, so without

Day 2:
– The Hermetic Art – the 4 elements and functions of the mind
– Inner Opus
– Squaring the Circle & the Philosopher’s Stone
– Manifestation and Transmutation
– Applying Alchemy to progress, success, health, conscious -evolution, and more
– Open discussion of topics presented

Sunday evening after-party:
Enjoy the company of others who are entertaining the philosophers path. Enjoy a drink or experiment with an alchemical cocktail crafted from the “spirit” and “soul” of many different corresponding planetary metals. No matter what you are sure to have an amazing time. This after-party has limited capacity, please register soon.


Two-Day introduction course with limited seating. After-Party admission free to the first 25 guests! ($50 value)

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About the instructor:

Avery Hopkins started Kymia Arts in 2014 after several decades of travel, research, and experimentation within the alchemical field. He first began his research by studying painting and design at Laguna College of Art and Design. Here, he explored alchemical symbolism, surrealism, and the foundations for artistic thinking. Having an interest in spiritual truth, Avery was led from art towards a course of study in Anthropology and Religion. Several years were spent reading religious texts and translating many coded versions of historical documents that regard the mysteries of nature and the Self. Having summarized and concluded religious thought through avid research and experience, Avery dedicated all of his time and resources to the consolidation of alchemical philosophy and practice. 

Seven years were spent reading, translating, and deciphering alchemical texts. His previous studies in culture, history, science, spirituality, and art allowed him to piece together a complicated puzzle of holographic language that was strewn across time. Hieroglyphics, Arabic, Chinese, Latin, Greek, and a variety of modern languages were explored for their alchemical content and histories. Only after a decade worth of reading and research did Avery ever come to pick up a flask and learn the chemical nature of the Alchemical Art. He has since spent the last ten years gaining profound insights into the nature of form and reality as we know it through his laboratory practice. 

Avery is a steadfast practitioner of the alchemical art. He resides in Northern New Mexico where he works his Lab, Apothecary, School, and Apprenticeships.

Avery Hopkins