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Rewrite Your Story: Mexico Retreat

  • Maha Rose South Mazunte Mexico (map)

When was the last time you felt totally recharged?  When was the last time you had the space to really dedicate yourself to the things that are truly important to you? How do you align yourself with the person you really want to be?

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Join brother & sister duo Sah D'Simone & Moun D'Simone at Maha Rose South in Mazunte, Mexico for an unforgettable way to discover experiential travel and wellness. You can expect moments of deep connection and transformation along with incredible opportunities for adventure.

Are you ready to let go of the old stories? And rewrite one that aligns with your goals, learn the tools to step fully into life and live it with more passion and power, breaking through barriers and cravings – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.

Shift your perspective with super-foods, meditation, breathwork and yoga asana, taught by truly inspirational teachers. Real-world application for practical self-transformation; learn how to merge your conscious goals with subconscious agreements, to create the life of your dreams; and still time have for an afternoon swim...

Celebrate with lovingly prepared, nourishing meals every day and sunrise meditations; enjoy new friendships, with exciting conversations & laughter… and plenty of time for self-reflection. 

It's time to explore what lies within with simple tools that you can rely on to help you find a sense of well-being, inviting you to open-up to your inherent qualities and train you to meet life with less anxiety, fear, and suffering. This way you become the master of your inner and outer world.

You will leave this experience able to create a more productive, sustainably balanced, and creative life, you will feel more connected to yourself (mentally, physically and emotionally) and others. Be able to express what is on your heart and mind.

Join us on a journey to reconnect with your bliss and create positive lasting changes.

  • The Future Of Your Well-Being

  • Rewire Your Brain With New Habits And Cultivate Compassion

  • Heal Trauma Stored In The Body And Settle The Mind

  • Become Present And Emotionally Intelligent

  • Healing + Maintaining A Healthy Gut- Become An Intuitive Eater

  • Balance Autonomic Nervous System

  • Boosting Your Happy Hormones

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About the Instructors:

After Sah D’Simone left the fashion industry as the Co-founder and Creative Director of Bullett Magazine. He immersed himself into the art of health and happiness, living in India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and Europe, Studying with masters such as His Holiness Dalai Lama,  Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Amma Mata Amritanandamayi, Adyashanti, Pema Chodron, John of God, Joshua Rosenthal, Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Mark Bittman, and Arianna Huffington. Sah has compiled enough tools for anyone to create authentic change in their life. His approach to health and happiness involves a physiological, psychological and spiritual understanding. He specializes in helping people move forward through obstacles and change into living evolved, elevated and expanded lives. Sah is a Certified Holistic Health & Happiness Coach, Raw Vegan Chef, Ashtanga Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Humanitarian. Currently training MBSR( Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction) with Elana Rosenbaum, MS, LICSW and Dr. Robert Smith, D.O and Hypnotherapy with Grace Smith.

Moun D'Simone was born in Brazil and moved to the US when she was 15 years old. She has lived in NYC, Paris, London, and Los Angeles. She now resides back in NYC. She is deeply grateful to her teachers and to have built a life of service. Moun is a Meditation, Breathwork, and Yoga teacher. She spent 2 years studying Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism in India, Thailand and Indonesia, where she became certified in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga - from Shiva Yoga Peeth and Kalpana Radhika Yoga. She has studied Traditional Tantra and Kundalini Yoga as well. A Certified Breath-Body-Mind Teacher, NLP Practitioner, MBSR Trainee, she is currently studying Contemplative Psychotherapy with Nalanda Institute. Moun is also is the co-founder of Wild Woman, an all women’s immersive empowerment workshop. Her early life struggles with anxiety and self loathing have propelled her to explore the connection between mind, body and heart towards self healing and transformation. Leading her to create a dynamic method to help people look within and heal their relationship with themselves as a catalyst to all healing; through breath, movement, and stillness making space for one's inherent qualities to arise. Her teachings combine modern science and ancient wisdom. Moun is dedicated to helping others uncover their fullest potential, to live a life of balance, and self-love. She is known for her contagious self expression, that compels you to want to be around her, and share in her expertise, a strength that sparks inspiration.

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