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A Taste for Beauty: Medicinal Herbs + Farm Tour

  • Apis Apotheca Germantown, NY (map)

Wondering what kinds of herbs can support your natural beauty? Interested in visiting an organic herb farm? Want to learn more about how to create your own beauty products?

Join herbalists Maria Christodoulou and Aviva Tilson in Germantown, NY for a special herbal beauty workshop. Learn about medicinal herbs in beauty care that balance skin tone, improve circulation, and create shine. Walk through an organic herb farm and learn about helpful gardening and harvesting techniques.

Maria will discuss five herbs in beauty care that support healthy skin - starting from the inside. Why? Because the foods we eat play a direct role to how healthy our skin looks. 

Aviva will take you on a walk through her herb garden and discuss how cultivated and wild plants are beneficial for your skin, as well as common ways to extract their active constituents. Participants will make a sachet of fresh organic herbs from the farm to take home and make your own medicine with. 

This workshop includes an in-depth exploration of each herb and a hands-on activity gathering fresh herbs to take home for participants to create their own beauty product. Join us for an herbal experience and indulge in your natural beauty.


Maria Christodoulou is an herbalist and founder of Bliss Without Bother, a wellness retreat planning service based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a a long-time professional in the nonprofit field who shifted her life to wellness after life-changing experiences on retreats. She offers wellness retreats, domestic and overseas, and has hosted herbal workshops for a variety of audiences. Maria is a clinical herbalist and student at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City.

Aviva Tilson is the owner, farmer, and formulator for Apis Apotheca, a farm-to-bottle skincare line specializing in sensitive, acne prone skin. She is a certified community herbalist and attended Arbor Vitae School for Traditional Herbalism in New York City. She spent many years working on biodynamic and organic farms learning the language of plants, and her passion lies in creating vibrant seed to bottle medicines. Her medicinal herb farm is in Germantown, NY.


All materials and herbs included.