The Six Senses Series: Exploring the Sense of VISION with Tracy Atkinson


The Six Senses Series: Exploring the Sense of VISION with Tracy Atkinson


Explore a different SENSE every month this summer with a variety of wellness modalities led by expert practitioners. This HEARING workshop with Michael Clement blends yoga, meditation, and discussion to discover the deeper nature of sound. Learn how the power of sound and the sense of HEARING, including one’s own voice, can serve as a positive influence in daily life. Participants will gain mindful tools during this beach-front workshop, while enjoying listening to the Long Island Sound.

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Exploring the Sense of VISION with Tracy Atkinson

Part 3 of The Six Senses Series at Sound View Greenport presented by Bliss Without Bother

Open your eyes to the value and purpose of the Vedic system of astrology. Cognized by sages and saints, Vedic Astrology has been used through the millennia by astrologers, yogis, gurus, and priests as a tool to relieve suffering and to offer insight into such subjects as life direction and purpose, marriage, education, family, health, wealth, and spirituality, and other subjects both internal and external.

This astrology workshop led by Brooklyn-based Vedic Astrologer Tracy Atkinson will provide an introduction to the 5,000 year old sacred art and science of Jyotish or Vedic astrology. Participants will explore its brief history, the meaning of the twelve houses, and the archetypal meaning of the nine planets, as well as the concept of planetary transits and how they can predict life themes.

With pre-registration, registrants will be given a copy of their own birth chart and have the opportunity to discover how the the transits of Saturn and Jupiter are influencing their life at this time. No experience necessary. 

About Tracy Atkinson: Tracy is a Brooklyn-based Vedic Astrologer and founder of Mythologie Skincare who offers astrology readings that seek to illuminate your path and navigate your life through deep self-awareness.

Join us all summer long at Sound View Greenport! Our series includes these exciting SENSE workshops:

  • Sunday, June 17: The SENSE of TOUCH with Tara Quinn, AcroYoga Teacher and Thai Massage Therapist
  • Sunday, July 22: The SENSE of HEARING with Michael Clement, Meditation Teacher and Mala Bead Maker
  • Sunday, August 19: The SENSE of VISION with Tracy Atkinson, Vedic Astrologer and founder of Mythologie Skincare
  • Sunday, September 16: The SENSES of TASTE + PERCEPTION (the 6th sense!) with Katie Hess, Flower Essence Formulator and founder of Lotus Wei

Each monthly workshop takes place on the third Sunday of each month at 1:30pm from June to September at Sound View Greenport. Hotel guests enjoy complimentary admission. All participants must register in advance, as seating is limited and workshops are expected to reach capacity.