Happy Hour For Your Wellness

A curated wellness event now offered to private and non-profit organizations in New York City

Our celebrated wellness event, offered to select audiences every other month, is now available as a fully produced private event. Whether you are seeking to provide an unforgettable experience for your employees, unveil a new product or service, or raise money for your mission, we can customize and curate the event to meet your vision.

Happy Hour For Your Wellness is a true happy hour and mini-retreat where you will be pampered by a variety of expert wellness practitioners, try new beauty and body products, indulge in a healthy dinner, and rest in a session of yoga nidra meditation.

Happy Hour for Employee Wellness

Boost the wellness of your employees and you'll boost their productivity and happiness. Our signature wellness event is designed to improve mood, mental clarity, and good health. Redefine happy hour for your employees and treat them to the wellness they deserve.

Fundraiser in a Box for Non-Profits

We support non-profit organizations to achieve their mission by producing our signature wellness event as a fundraiser. We offer a discounted fee for our services and the non-profit charges a ticketed price that covers the cost of the event and raises funds - without doing any of the work!

Why offer Happy Hour For Your Wellness?

Benefits for Employees: By understanding the mind-body connection and treating both physical and emotional health, employers can boost employee happiness and productivity.

  • Stress and burnout globally cost businesses hundreds of billions of dollars each year. (World Health Organization)

  • 96 percent of senior leaders report feeling burned out. (Harvard Medical School 2013)

  • 87 percent of employees are not engaged at work. (Gallup)

  • 78 percent of companies identify stress as a top workforce health risk - higher than obesity, smoking, and poor nutrition. (CDC 2015)

Benefits for Non-Profits: By engaging donors and prospects in a more creative and personal way, fundraising can be easy, fun, and memorable.

  • Founder Maria Christodoulou has 10+ years of experience working at non-profit organizations and understands the challenges and opportunities involved in fundraising.

  • Non-profit organizations do not often have the time and staff expertise to produce unique and engaging events.

  • Everyone deserves wellness, but people do not often make it a priority.

Happy Hour For Your Wellness

Sample Event Program:

6-7:30pm: Enjoy mini-sessions with a variety of wellness practitioners, including aromatherapy, Thai massage, Reiki, herbal medicine, nutrition, or Vedic astrology.

7:30-8:30pm: Indulge in a freshly prepared dinner by our certified gourmet natural food chef, who will provide a live cooking demo.

8:30-9:00pm: Experience yoga nidra while laying on luxury sleep mattresses for deep relaxation.

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Happy Hour For Your Wellness is hosted at Coco-Mat, a luxury mattress store in Soho, New York City.

It’s been a pleasure contributing to events with Bliss Without Bother. Each session opens me up to new types of healing arts and amazing people. As professionals in NYC, we don’t always have the ability to get out and travel, but these gatherings create a group retreat experience right here in the city.
— MJ Caselden, Founder, Magnetic Sound