Maria Christodoulou, Clinical Herbalist

Maria Christodoulou, Clinical Herbalist

Nature itself is the best physician.
— Hippocrates

Herbal Medicine

Founder and CEO Maria Christodoulou combines Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer full spectrum guidance on how to maintain health, manage stress, and thrive in wellness.

Private consultations are offered at Shambhala Yoga and Dance Center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, on Mondays (1:30-8pm) and Fridays (9:30am-4pm). Home or office visits in Brooklyn and Manhattan are available for an additional $10 travel fee.

Sessions must be booked at least 72 hours in advance and are offered on a sliding scale. No client will be turned away due to lack of funds. Clients will receive a complimentary tea blend of medicinal herbs at the first session.

  • Initial Herbal Consultation (90 minutes) - sliding scale of $90-$125

  • Follow-up Session (60 minutes) - sliding scale of $65-$85

For home, office, or phone consultations email